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How would you like a vehicle you can fill-up with a low cost clean gaseous fuel like natural gas or propane or with standard liquid gasoline or diesel fuel?  Imagine its engine is 53% efficient plus weighs 71% less than a piston engine for super mileage!  What if it also had more power and 60% more torque for exciting performance?  Dream of it also with 76% less moving parts than your normal piston engine so there is less to wear out resulting in great reliability!

Alternatively, how would you like a compressor or pump that flowed so much per revolution that it ran a much shorter time and significantly reduced your energy costs?

Well, GoTek Energy, Inc. is developing those game-changing DynaKineticTM rotary technologies as both an engine (that’s not a Wankel/Mazda) and as a compressor/pump (that’ not a piston, screw, or scroll)!


GoTek’s DynaKinetic™ rotary engines (which are not Wankel engines) run on clean natural gas or propane to reduce harmful emissions and can also run on a second common fuel to increase the mileage range or run time.

GoTek’s cylindrical piston-free rotary engine design converts clean and standard fuels into energy more efficiently than traditional engines, by eliminating much of the mechanical complexity (and associated energy loss) of piston-based engines.

GoTek’s DynaKinetic™ rotary compressors and pumps flow significantly more gas or liquid per revolution and achieve this performance in a reduced size and weight package.


Our objective is to excite customers while taking a bite out of high cost oil consumption or electricity usage and generating jobs.

We focused on improving every area of customer importance … fuel cost (efficiency & weight), emissions, performance (power/torque or pressure/flow, response, & vibration), durability, & serviceability.

You can have it all!


Ask your dealer or retailer, “Is your represented OEM strategically working with GoTek Energy to help bring this technology to market?”


Experienced Team

Our diverse experienced team is passionate about what they are doing … “Creating high technology products that will make a difference!”

Learn more on our “Company Overview – Executive Team” subpage.

Powerful Products

DynaKinetic™ technology integrated in your OEM product for an excited end customer.

Learn more on our “Product” page.

Value Proposition

Improved performance, increased durability, better fuel economy, greater multi-fuel capability, reduced emissions, smaller size, less weight, better response, diminished vibration, and simplified serviceability … The customer can have it all!

Learn more on our “Value Proposition” page.

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